Art In A Suitcase 2023
Mary Tooley
The field trip that comes to you!

Art In A Suitcase programs combine art, natural science, story telling and multicultural activities. All Art In A Suitcase programs are based on the idea that learning, creativity, imagination, sharing and fun go together. Topics range from Sensational Snakes and Animal Champions to Things Japanese and African Adventures...

Mary Tooley, the suitcase lady, says, "I like to think of Art In A Suitcase as a little natural history museum that travels. The young people and I talk about the people, places and animals that make planet earth such a wonderful home. Each suitcase is filled with treasures, both natural and man made. Everything from ancient antlers to Zulu artwork can be found in over 30 cases of props."

Mary Tooley taught art to young children for 20 years. She now does Art In A Suitcase part time, presenting her original programs to multitudes of children each year. In addition, Mary is a free lance graphics designer and writer.

The suitcases are packed and ready for you!

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