Art In A Suitcase

Seasonal Programs - Festivals of Light


Joyful holiday celebrations from around the globe are highlighted in this suitcase which is offered in December. At this time of year, people all over the world light up the darkness with candles, lights and fires. Among the many featured holidays are Mexico's posadas, Sweden's St. Lucia's Day and India's Divali Festival. Iceland has not one Santa, but 13 mischievous Yuletide Lads, and the group will hear stories about Door Slammer and Candle Beggar. A menorah and dreidels are brought out of the suitcase to illustrate Hanukkah customs. Who are the Polish Gwiadorze, and what's Klopfelnachte? The suitcase is stuffed with colorful folk art toys, ornaments and decorations.

The program ends with the children creating their own holiday ornaments. Ages preschool and up.